3 little things.

“lamp post assertion”

no really

officer i didn’t

think that gum

was for chewing

or that telephone pole

was for

urinating against

and i promise

i mean i swear

i will never

touch bourbon



“half-past the time you left”

i want closure

on my desk Monday morning

in a three-ring binder

with a cover,

a title page,

a bibliography,

a frontispiece including dedications,

and dog-eared pages

indicating the juicy parts


“midnight soliloquy”

i lost my friend in here

and after i warned him that

the flickering purple lights

and heavy smoke

would make me dizzy and disturbed


i lost my friend in here

he is large and loud

and ubiquitous

with bright flashing

neon tattoos

and if you aren’t careful

i mean if you haven’t been paying attention

he just might have left with you

when you weren’t looking

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