Maybe it starts with a list,
The way a ship tilts
And the table top

Clusters on one side
All the thoughts like candles,
The quill that rolls to your hand

Maybe it swings on the breeze
Like spider silk
Finding purchase where it may,
Anchoring in nature
The start of a web,
An expression,
The shape of your mind

Maybe the list,
The wave that crests
And your bow surge to see
Above the shadow of the ocean,
Maybe it shifts the light

Maybe the list
On the mind’s canvas
Alike things

Maybe the list
Reminds you
Of the roaring beast
Upon whose water drop skin
You skate, hull erasing
And rewriting the contours
For a blink

Maybe the list is
The idea, a sea-born seed,
An aqueous gem
Silhouetting the mind,
Like falling into place,
Arms locked, the toss and turn
That awakens,
With your idea

Face to face.

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