Day 10

Hi. My name is, um, Joe.

Not really, but I mean,

it might as well be,

anonymous and all.


I don’t really know

what I’m doing, but

I feel like I should talk

tonight, be open

or whatever. I was


so fucking pissed,

so wound up and…

I mean, I don’t need

to tell you. You all

saw. But now


I’m exhausted. Steamrolled.

All that tension made me

too tired to be angry, too drained

to drink. That’s never been a thing—

too tired to drink. I don’t know

what to do with myself, with

other people, with all this time.


Fuck, I’m sorry, this

isn’t going anywhere.

Never mind. Go to

the next guy. No,

really, pretend I didn’t

waste your time.

I’m sorry.

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