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Intermission – a haiku

Oh, hey – don’t be sad.
I’m taking the summer off.
No poems ’til Fall.


Five By is taking
the summer off, but we’ll see
you in September!

Day 12

You know what it’s like working

at a coffee shop?  Same as

dealing speed, but we accept Visa.


You know what it’s like working

with a non-hangover haze and

about four pounds of crap trapped

in your colon?

Oh, you do?

Fan-fucking-tastic.  I guess

that puts me right on track.

Life Update Haiku

Sorry, no new post
as I’m trying to finish
up my second book!

Day 11

Unc, man, you gotta give me some space.  I know

you promised to cart me around for all this,

but I’m a grown-up.  A real boy.  I got this.


When are you gonna start trusting me?

I said I was on board for the 90 days,

and have I let up?  That’s right.


You’re seriously gonna follow me

for the two-mile drive?  I don’t need you

to go anymore.  Show a little fucking faith.


“All of us who are worth anything, spend our manhood in unlearning the follies, or expiating the mistakes of our youth.” — Percy Bysshe Shelley

I am no longer given to screaming fits
outside of clubs, in parking lots, or
at diners.Being the “psycho girlfriend”

is only entertaining up to a point, and
is certainly not at all becoming once one
is out of one’s twenties. I am no longer

given to bouts of sobbing, of uttering
ominous threats that I have really no
intention of carrying out. I am no longer

given to researching your past relationships
the way one researches Walt Whitman, or
The Kyoto Protocol. I no longer compare her

upper arms to mine. Doing this only leads to
denying myself dessert. Doing this only leads
to self-sabotage, which will only lead to drinking.

I am no longer given to drinking:
drinking made me prone to screaming
fits outside of clubs, in parking lots, or at diners.

Sorrow is a Crafty Madam

Sorrow is a Crafty Madam,

confined by no red light.

She’ll turn any Mrs. Adams

into a woman of the night.

Sorrow is an Old Brothel Marm,

her customers diverse.

Although they never come to harm,

they always leave her feeling worse.

Sorrow is a Ruffle-clad Pimp

cruising the crowded streets.

Johns often curse the Velvet Imp;

his girls aren’t paid to be discrete.

Sorrow is a Sex Party Host

with attitudes unbound.

Her ribald guests all toast and boast,

though never with their wives around.