Day 1

Too much,

they said.

You’ve changed,

they said.


they said.


They cried and threatened and

I didn’t care.  I wouldn’t go.

They compromised.  90 meetings—

90 sober meetings

in 90 days.

And then what?

And then

whatever you decide.

So all bets are off

on Day 91?

They sighed,

If that’s what you want.


I can do that.





Hi, my name is

none of your business,

and I haven’t had a drink in

about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

I’m here because

my family wants an excuse

to ship me off.  A reason why

I’m not like them.  I know

they hope it’s not their fault.

My uncle’s here

escorting me from meeting

to meeting.  They don’t trust me,

and I don’t blame them,

but I don’t need

a goddamn babysitter.  I have

three more minutes?  That’s okay.

give my time to someone else

who wants it.

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