I Don’t Drink Coke but I Will This Once

I always hated the things I was becoming when I wasn’t there
yet or knew I was heading in that general direction or things
I once was a couple days or years thirteen to eighteen maybe
twenty-two definitely twenty-four I I I so many of them crawling
through the streets of New York and the layered places and why
couldn’t we see it coming like a buggy kicking up sand as it brakes?

Imitation is less often flattery than it is jealousy or misunderstanding
and and and how do I ramble majestically with you sitting next to me?
I can’t explain any part of this without telling you another story so
let’s talk about something else sometimes it rains in Southern
California despite what the songs say and it gets cold and once
the clouds break we stand outside and pretend to be lovers

lost in the deluge like we might on a regular basis back east
if it weren’t such a special occasion but it is so lets eat fish which
I’d do for you even though I don’t and I’d drink this I won’t like it
but I’ll pretend for you for you is what it should say or read or
record onto a golden disc and shoot into space partly because
I love you and partly because it’s much too hard to explain and

partly because I’ll keep trying ’til I’m me some way else.

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