The Wind That Moves The Trees

When simple storms
Turn raging winds
The mighty tree roots down

Lightning cracks
And branches thwack
Shaking leaves asunder

Even the strongest
Of the mighty oaks
Quiver at the thunder

And somewhere safe
In this tree-filled town
It’s almost time for bed

And a little girl
About your age
Nestles down her head

“Will our trees be ok?”
Asked the little girl
“Sleep now” says her mother

“And in the morning
The sun will shine
And the howling winds

Will all have stopped
And the trees
Will be just fine”

And little did
The small girl know
That just outside her small window

The trees clung tight to life
The mighty mamma bellowed

But oh I am so thirsty
This wind has made me tired
Perhaps a drink of water from all this driving rain


The wise old tree had spoken
The strongest trees don’t stop to drink
Until the storm has broken

Roots twist and twist
Beneath the earth
And twist and twist and wind

As  light bursts through the darkness
Calming wind and rain
In time

And the little girl
She loved her tree
For both were safe and fine

And she danced beneath the shade
Of the mighty Mama tree
Above the earth and roots

That twist and wind and hang on tight
Safe for sunny days
Strong throughout the night.

One response to “The Wind That Moves The Trees

  1. I mean…how can I knot like this?
    Bravo! (I miss my mother.)
    Cheerz! 🙂 UT

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