Ballad of A Deep Blue Greeting

If I wanted to be trendy
I’d try to break your heart
Send you mix tapes labelled
“Broken taped up glasses”
Or flowers cut in rows
Pasted to some bristol board
Add in some tragic hipster touches
Cigarettes rolled by lonely Indians
Beer tabs from a train ride in Oregon

I’d cut the pant legs from my skinny jeans
Because I was too chicken to cut myself
Drizzle my non-fat mochaccino foam
Across your name bedazzled and tell you
It was whale froth, that I’d reached in
To join the ocean just like Weezer’s Jonah
Or Pinocchio only to have the giant sea beast
Gurgle out a spit bath with his tongue
Like some Star Wars overlord

A deep-blue greeting

The big kiss I’d be trying to send you
In my bristol board and foam bedazzled
Off-the-cuff  petal mix-tape montage
Hoping my funny Valentines Day card
Would somehow reach your door
On a night when you sat on the edge
Of your window growing a patch of lawn
In a box by the sill filled with bottle caps
From microbrew forty ouncers

And the fake eyelashes that match
Your non-ironic pink denim jacket

But that’s not what this song is after
It’s more the sound of your laughter
Over a box of green grass
By your tiny windowsill
Growing stronger
With the sound
Of your heart.

3 responses to “Ballad of A Deep Blue Greeting

  1. I love it, love it! So much personality, such gerat description and flow.

  2. I’m not sure what an emo lawn is, but now I want one, too.

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