‘Til It’s Gone

If I can take a liberty
To give some advice

Remember laughs, sure
Protests mean a lot
When you’re there
But what is going to count
In your life?

The rage against deaf ears,
Ninety-nines against ones,
Might as well go tell the cows
To stop chewing cud, don’t go
Getting me wrong, I sympathize

With you, no one wants to be aboard
The sinking ship, not even the captain
And yet a week from now we’ll have
New idols, new champions, it’s more
The times with friends that’ll mean a damn

So rally up when you need to, give
‘Em all hell when it’s your job, your
Neighbor, your skin up against the fence,
Just don’t make a living
Living out those moments,

It’ll eat you, you’ll eat it,
And then what have
You got?

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