Looking Back, That Would Have Made Things Easier, Yes

Imperial Court Martial
Case #421-1138
Deposition Transcript, Centax 3,653 (excerpt)
Defendant: Gunnery Captain Bolvan

…hold any confusion regarding the assigned task?


No survivors were allowed to leave the target?

That’s correct.

So why, again, was this pod in question allowed to slip through?

The sensors on the gunnery display confirmed that there were no life forms on board. Those corvettes are notorious for malfunctioning circuits.

I see. Is it possible for anything to have been in the escape pod that the scan may have missed?

Well, droids, apparently.

Could droids be classified as survivors?

They aren’t sentient, are they?

This hearing is not being held to conduct a philosophical debate.

Those pods react to false instructions all the time.

What was the reason this particular CR90 was targeted?

The big man was looking for something.

Something? Not some one?

I don’t get those details. Some sort of plans.

I see. And do “plans,” or “somethings,” have a tendency to show up on scans for life forms?


Captain Bolvan?

Look, I get it. I know. In retrospect…

Are you trained to only make correct decisions in retrospect?

My orders were to stop survivors from escaping during the capture maneuvers. The CR90 had been fully secured when that pod launched.

Can plans be carried within the memory banks of something that isn’t sentient?

The reports being transmitted sounded as if no one, or nothing, could have made it off that ship.

Captain, can plans be carried within the memory banks of something that isn’t sentient?

Given the rise in rebellious incidents around the galaxy, the Imperial navy has emphasized conserving power in all of the fleet’s weaponry.

At the expense of the mission?

It was one stupid escape pod!

Is it not fair to say that every setback the government has had over the past year have stemmed directly from this decision?

OK, fine. You want to pin it all on me, you need someone to blame, that’s fine. Secret plans get leaked out by someone. The rebels get a hold of these plans from someone. The whole fleet tries to chase them down, the so-called “ultimate weapon” gets them in its sights. But, sure, somehow, it’s all my fault. You’re gonna blame me? Great. Blame me. Go ahead. Do your worst.

End transcript.
Case outcome: referred to Devastator’s senior management for personal review

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