Stop Trying to Make ‘Fetch’ Happen, It’s Not Going to Happen

I will throw you away, and maybe some
beast will bring you back, and it will be fun
for a while, my attempts to wrest you from
his jaws, and I’ll hold you for a moment,

and I’ll pretend you’re mine, and I’ll think of
how thrillingly blissful life is, what a
wonderful day this has turned out to be,
and we’ll live perfectly in the moment

for those several consecutive nows
before the beast starts barking, and jumping,
and clawing, and I am forced to throw you
away again, and maybe the beast won’t

bring you back this time.


(And don’t forget! BROETRY is in the Final Round of the 2011 GOODREADS CHOICE AWARDS, so make sure you VOTE this week!!!)

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