Excerpt From Your In-Process Novel

But of course, she didn’t believe him. How could she, after all she’d been through? She turned and watched the ship as it headed back towards the dock, across the final expanse of sparkling sky, and picked at her fingernails with her thumbs, like she often did when she was nervous. For a few moments, the only sound was the hum of the nuclear engine echoing through the gulf.

And then this guy was like PEW! PEW! and the ninjas came down BAM! in this orgy of laser swords filleted across the crew. “Noooo Father I will avenge you!” and the robot brushed its hand softly around the underside of her ear, tingling her fleshy lobe with a gentle buzz of static but then the ninja sword went like SHINKT and skewered through their torso, a cut so clean and swift and precise that not a single drop of blood was even spilled. He held the blade steady as it pierced the weathered flesh and metal, but his poetic dance of violence was interrupted when, through the corner of his, the ninja noticed Helen as she entered onto the deck, dressed in a sultry sequined satin skirt and stilettos, sauntering slowly and seductively towards her slashed-up sister.

Helen reached her slender hands towards the ninja’s crotch, groping for his then-unsharpened sword. “I have the formula. It’s your baby,” she whispered into his ear as she peeled off his ninja mask like a freshly used condom. She pulled her firm, supple breast out of her dress, diverting his attention as she drew a pistol out from under her skirt with the other hand. Its casing felt cold, hard, not unlike her own life. She had made herself a pistol, a small, lethal device, one that when properly aimed, as she had been that day, could change the entire world in the blink of a bullet. A ruby tear rolled down her right check as she looked down to the dying robot, the machine that as a child she once loved, the automaton sworn to protect her throughout all of space and time. She quickly turned and run towards the plank, jutted off the back of the ship, and let her tears spill into the blackened ocean underneath, turning it into an endless bed of roses, stretched across the universe.

Daniel watched her from above and played a single sharp blast on his flugelhorn, a tremendous blast of brass so powerful that it turned the remaining ninjas into dust. “I’ll keep waiting,” he whispers, his eyes still trained on Helen as she walks back towards the scrapheap that once was her best pet robot and plugs his electronic corpse into the socket.

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