All of the Hallows

and all of the saints,
all of the isn’ts and all of the ain’ts,
all of the nevers and all of the nots,
the local cursed houses and mystery spots,
all of the secrets and all of the spies,
all of the cover ups, all of the lies,
all of the new age and ancient religions,
all the salt tossed, fingers crossed, superstitions,
all the quick steps once the lights have gone out,
all the cave paintings, rain dances for drought,
the myths and the customs, traditional dishes,
the weddings and funerals, birthday cake wishes,
the lucky t-shirts and the favorite places,
the reasons for loving, the personal spaces,
all the excuses and mental restraints,
all of the hallows and all of the saints.

One response to “All of the Hallows

  1. Great rhythm. I am always irritated when rhythmic pieces have one or two lines that have a word or phrase that fall awkwardly for the sake of rhyme, but this is perfection from beginning to end!

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