The churros are three-fifty each,
and the wait’s an hour plus
for a 30 second ride.  Imagineers
design from exit to gift shop, hiding
painful prices on Made-in-China goods.
The newer rides are built on land
dear Disney stole from farmers, but I don’t care
if it’s a corporate brothel of manufactured joy;
it’s my childhood.
At least, it’s the parts I want
to remember.  It’s where
my family never fights.
It’s where the illusion is okay.
It’s a place that hurts my bank account,
but it’s worth the brief escape.  I know
Tinkerbell’s hanging from a wire,
but just let her light the castle.
Let some kid wish
on a firework star
while he’s still a kid.

One response to “D-land

  1. Totally digging this. Great job!

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