let’s all make up words, like

yull: n., v., adv., prov., psa., punc., hyp.,

  1. to go at fast speeds
  2. to fuck, skeet, or trust Urban Dictionary
  3. to drink with a man named Jerry
  4. to declare yourself a rapper in the hopes of abstaining from rapping, as an artistic choice
  5. numine et virtute
  6. a shoe worn by successful women in the United Kingdom
  7. a cleat worn by unsuccessful men in the United States
  8. a fashionable hoof piercing worn by wealthy camels in the United Arab Emirates
  9. oxyhydrogen, when used in welding
  10. oxycotton, when used in West Virginia
  11. with vigor
  12. ask a silly question and you’ll get a silly answer
  13. better late than never, unless you are a sailor
  14. blessed is he who does not rest between FIFA matches, nae to eat, nae to sleep, nae to do naught but procure drink and take a woman to his bed
  15. ∂å˜ ¥¨¬¬
  16. when I was sixteen I began to forget words; the internet blames the internet, but I blame Typing Tutor and cigarettes and nuns and recess
  17. to score a goal literally, figuratively, metaphorically, astronomically, vicariously, redemptively, easterly, woodily, or against a bear
  18. an empty Four Loco can
  19. any member of your extended family you would hang out with anyway

now please use your word in a sentence

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