mas • och • ism

gratification gained from pain,

deprivation, degradation, etc.,

inflicted or imposed on oneself, either

as a result of one’s own actions

or the actions of others


Don’t “aw, sweetie” me.  I don’t

want to hear it.  I don’t want to be held.


I want you to hit me

as hard as you can.


I’ll hit you back, don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t some too-battered-to-say-no

kind of deal.  This is the push and pull

you signed up for.  These are the motions.


Those little kisses and sweet caresses

just don’t cut it for me.  Let’s make this

a fight we never talk about.  Let’s see

how far you can bend me before

I break.  I like the snap crackle pop

of my joints the next morning.


If you want to make me feel better,

make it hurt.  Color my skin

with sickly shades of bursting blood.

Stamp impressions of my back

on every wall of this room.  Don’t stop

until I tell you.  (I won’t.)


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