What Mephisto Thinks

Ball! Ball ball ball
ball ball — oop!
Gotta stop and clean this.
Gate sound! Holy shit!
Someone’s at the door!
Oh, it’s you. Hi! Here is my belly! NO DON’T TOUCH IT!

Wait! Come back! Oh well. Carpet carpet
carpet carpet other cat in chair.
I would like to sit in that chair.
Hi other cat! Let me give
you a bath until you get
pissed and leave. Haha.
My chair.

Bowl noise!
Food food food food for
the love of Christ stop meowing
at me it’s like you’re saying
“table baby fight hammer” and
it MAKES NO SENSE so stop.
Food food food. OK done.
This doorway doesn’t smell
like me. I will rub my face on it.

Gate sound! Terror!
Oh, it’s YOU.

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