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Villanelle for San Diego Comic-Con Regrets

I will not be at San Diego Comic-Con this year,
and every time you ask me I’m reminded
that instead of standing in long lines I’ll just be sitting here.

I will not be the very first to hear
the latest comic news, at least not until it’s tweeted.
I will not be at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

I will not see the costumes that appear
on the awkward and undeodorized
standing in long lines. I’ll just be sitting here.

I wish that you and I could grab a beer
after getting all 160 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man signed,
but I will not be at San Diego Comic-Con this year

Think of me when you are hanging out near
Joss Whedon, or Katee Sackhoff, who you think you spotted
while standing in long lines; I’ll just be sitting here.

On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about finding a tear
on my rare exclusive SDCC variant cover. So to everyone who asked:
No, I will not be at San Diego Comic-Con this year.
Instead of standing in long lines, I’ll just be sitting here.

Spam Cento

Danny attempts powerful popularity.

Before the veil a four chemical
master of science
was repealed by two more consequences of potency.

His believes to write
the yerkes-dodson curve as ads
have granted that encoding adults
is used to fill epinephrine by balloon.

For a other available empathy
where the supplements are required,
the many common brand is the screw
at which the other trainers
would fight comprehensively.

Hear, o arjuna, the arguments
by which conference hall compartment
ship when was released the public south
of madri by pandu, each with five arrows.

> stooped > no action required upon your part.

Dream Come True

Once I dreamt so real, life
Blurred.  My body, sweaty,
Stuck not only to the sheets
But to the fabric of reality,
Mid-dream I lost the
Consciousness of a man, for
I was a tiger!  No tourist
Behind jungle-eyes, my
Thoughts took no snapshots
For friends to realize.
My breath, heartbeat,
All reflexes, pure urges
My inner language and tingles
In the limbs, I swam a swampy
Path through wet canopy
Jungle as a distant rustle
Told my senses, look out!
A snake, some wide-bellied
Python squirming, coiled,
Slithering atop the leaf-ridden
River snaking towards me my
Paws, mid-stroke tense claws,
Time now to pounce?  Find dry land
Before, too late, engage enemy,
Water too thick for fast strike,
Paw deflect, coiling, watch for
Curling of tail around hind legs,
Showcase strength, don’t use it
All yet, shove this sonofagun
Under water, shock him with a
Swift bat from the left, let go
With the right, shake him, swat
Him again, behold, I’m dreaming
I’m a man.

Newnan, Georgia

I’ve recently started going through my old poetry. This one is circa 2004, an ode to my hometown, edited this week. Perhaps it’s better to let old poetry die.

Sometimes I believe
that nights like this –
in the kitchen, windows down,
the smell of heat cooling in the air,
bodies affected by humidity-
will linger,
on past my childhood.
But I know, as I pack up – move out and on –
they won’t.
That someday I may think I
smell it, see it
in the corner of an attic somewhere
or a small gas station on my way to somewhere big-
but it won’t be there.
It’s only here-
I am only here

Movie Pitch: Catchers In the Rye

The latest team-up buddy thriller from acclaimed director JOHN WU (Face/Off, Mission: Impossible II) comes CATCHERS IN THE RYE, the first and greatest JD Salinger adaptation for the big screen. Based on the hit novel loved by adolescent teens the world over, CATCHERS tells the story of two prep school rivals, Holden Caulfield and Stradlater. When Holden finds himself suddenly kicked out of school, framed for breaking a rule he didn’t break, he uncovers a vast conspiracy within the echelons of prep school history — one that reaches the highest levels and darkest deeps of American aristocratic society. As Holden seeks justice for his wrongful punishment, he finds himself reluctantly drawn into an uneven truce with Stradlater, his former prep school roommate, and the same boy that stole Holden’s love, Jane Gallagher. But what does Jane Gallagher have to do with the globe-trotting schemes of this nefarious organization? Holden’s younger sister Phoebe goes missing, captured and held for ransom by a mysterious group known only as The Ducks of Central Park. But who are the Ducks of Central Park, and where do they go in the winter? Holden and Stradlater soon discover that even their favorite teachers can’t be trusted, and find themselves in globetrotting chase that spans the world from rural Pennsylvania to New York City and all the way to the Central Park Zoo to discover the truth. Holden is torn between keeping his innocence or proving his innocence. In order to save that which he loves the most, Holden and Stradlater must become — CATCHERS IN THE RYE.

JD Salinger’s classic The Catcher in the Rye finally comes to the big screen the way it was meant to be seen in this high-octane summer action flick.

TAG LINE FOR VIRAL MARKETING: “This is my people shootin’ hat, motherfucker.”

ALTERNATE TAG LINE: “If you really want to hear about it, bitch.”


for CS

Right now, someone is hopelessly
over-singing the National Anthem.

It’s best to keep things simple,
unaltered, uncomplicated by
footnotes and asides, by unsavory
fragments of a life lived past
the times we want to keep transparent.
It’s best to accept the news presented
at face value, to digest the plain
truth of the matter – our friend is dead – than
to dress it with armchair sleuthery.
It’s best to let the news lie, slumbering,
at your feet on this freshly painted
deck, on this July evening.

But we are creatures now accustomed
to answers, to ready access to answers,
to pixelated answers penetrating
the darkness as we go in search of them,
these answers that we don’t need.

Right now, someone is forcing more notes
into a melody that’s complicated enough as it is.

Say it Ain’t So

Is it true
We like a superhero
Born of
Alley gun-fights,

 Spider bites,
Kryptonite meteorites,
Birth rights?

Suits of
Iron things
Glowing rings?