Dream Come True

Once I dreamt so real, life
Blurred.  My body, sweaty,
Stuck not only to the sheets
But to the fabric of reality,
Mid-dream I lost the
Consciousness of a man, for
I was a tiger!  No tourist
Behind jungle-eyes, my
Thoughts took no snapshots
For friends to realize.
My breath, heartbeat,
All reflexes, pure urges
My inner language and tingles
In the limbs, I swam a swampy
Path through wet canopy
Jungle as a distant rustle
Told my senses, look out!
A snake, some wide-bellied
Python squirming, coiled,
Slithering atop the leaf-ridden
River snaking towards me my
Paws, mid-stroke tense claws,
Time now to pounce?  Find dry land
Before, too late, engage enemy,
Water too thick for fast strike,
Paw deflect, coiling, watch for
Curling of tail around hind legs,
Showcase strength, don’t use it
All yet, shove this sonofagun
Under water, shock him with a
Swift bat from the left, let go
With the right, shake him, swat
Him again, behold, I’m dreaming
I’m a man.

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