for CS

Right now, someone is hopelessly
over-singing the National Anthem.

It’s best to keep things simple,
unaltered, uncomplicated by
footnotes and asides, by unsavory
fragments of a life lived past
the times we want to keep transparent.
It’s best to accept the news presented
at face value, to digest the plain
truth of the matter – our friend is dead – than
to dress it with armchair sleuthery.
It’s best to let the news lie, slumbering,
at your feet on this freshly painted
deck, on this July evening.

But we are creatures now accustomed
to answers, to ready access to answers,
to pixelated answers penetrating
the darkness as we go in search of them,
these answers that we don’t need.

Right now, someone is forcing more notes
into a melody that’s complicated enough as it is.

One response to “Melisma

  1. Melisma is what passes for vocal prowess these days
    It’s second cousin is vibrato
    Most often the note is sung unadorned
    only to be fouled by these decorative gulletries
    But the juices will flow; the tears will well
    (I am carried away, away)
    Uninterrupted by why

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