Good, Too

First bites of lunch,
Evening breezes, Sleeves
that cover half your hand,

The new blossoms of Spring
before rain can shake them off,
Deep breaths after a run,

Laughter in a voicemail,
The last page of a chapter,
New shoes that bounce,

The crunch of gravel
beneath reversing tires,
The end of long days,

Fresh washed linen
as your head touches
the pillow, Acoustic

tracks showcasing vocals
on a favorite cover song.
That look before a first kiss,

The thought that you belong,
Smiles of recognition,
Your name, loudly spoken,

Buttered movie popcorn,
A day reserved for tanning,
Swimming in the sun,

Coins in a box for charity,
A compliment at work,
Those last snooze button minutes,

Those are all good, too.

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