How To Be Yourself Without Really Trying

Caleb always wanted to be
himself, and from a young age
he was promised he could
be just that, as long as he
put his mind to such an act.
He thought so long and
hard about how best to be
himself, and when he finally came
of age, he set his mind to
make it happen. He focused
on himself — in the mirror,
on the page — to discover what was
he and what was not. So off
he set, in search of his new
self, starting from the sides
and working in. His arms,
he felt, were wiry and weak, with
hairy hands as DNA had deemed.
He bought a brand new pair — more
muscular, with darker skin, a shade
to match his life — and sewed them
at the sockets into place. He then
removed his legs, as they were
never fast enough, and replaced
them with a set of treads
to ride across the rough terrain
of life. Soon he had covered his
torso in hard olive scales
to protect him from the piercing
blades of those who would usurp
his trove. But something still was
missing, and his mind, he felt,
was weak, so he supplanted his own
head and gave Him that of a machine,
with proper calculations fueled
by terahertz of speed. Comfort quickly
overcame him in his current state,
and finally he felt more He than he
had ever been. Still others could not
see Him underneath the He that he’d
become, so he mended his heart with
hardened stone, and finally felt
free to be the He he’d longed to be.

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