Light Chemistry, An Ode

It’s a roller coaster ride
Of syllables and symmetry,
It’s the near miss of strains,

It’s a thrilling of the elements,
It’s small quantums
Of cosmic might

Surfing waves of time,
Tide mixing into undertow,
Pulsing, pulling, a gravity

Extending like a yo-yo,
Buzzing like a bee,
Like a bowl of cherry Jell-o,

A universal smile,
It’s life,
It’s chemistry.

4 responses to “Light Chemistry, An Ode

  1. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    I really like this one. For whatever reason, it made me think of this song:

  2. this poem looks like a faucet, which im pretty sure is thematically fitting for almost all of your work.

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