The Electricitiosaur

The Future comes
With wires, high-
Tech gadgetry galore,
Their coated black-
White power cords snake
Criss-cross across my floor

I’ve got extra air
To cool my
Power meter

(When you have
As much as I do
You become quite
The power eater)

All day I ate
Until I was an

Known for
Appetites of
Mega kilowatts
My power bill
My roar

I opened up a
Just to cool the thought

And Google-searched
The word I’d made
It’s mine!
See what I’ve got

Is a right power
Addiction, a need,
A thirst, a want,

Maybe I could return
The odd gizmo or four,
Send back the blender’s

But who would
Time the smores?
The toaster-oven has
An awful ticking crank,
The microwave’s too hot,
Next to the electric stove,
It’s all the heat I’ve got

To keep me thinking coolly
While other motors whir,
The mini-fridge, the table-
Lamp, the light above my door,

Three different kinds of
Laptops, Linux, Unix, Mac,

I see my operation flow
Project a warm electric glow
All beaming from my LAN

On a screen upon my wall,
I’ve dialed the speaker-stereo
To drown the cooling fan,

And the Bluetooth
Mouse and keyboard,
They eat batteries for snacks,
Single, double, triple A,
Their count falls
Through the cracks

Let’s not forget the toothbrush,
Charging by the sink,
I’ve printed out
A power schedule,

One that helps me think
A new, clear
Power plan

No interrupted internets,
How they must feel
In Japan, their future
In a wavy

In their
Fishing nets.

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