ya fun
fun ball bounce
round hole square peg
bright color finger paint toy
store candy store more more fun
fun theme park jungle gym arcade stay
up late baseball cards bike rides summer sky
manhunt fireflies freeze tag sleepovers all night fun fun

fun fun

girls fun
fun first date
hold hands first kiss
tell your friends first base
first car girlfriend curfew senior prom
love yea yea vote porn sex cigarettes
move on still young college girl fun fun

yeah yeah
fun fun cue ball
side pocket scratch scratch get that
checked don’t look back late night every night
morning after always wonder you missed all this fun fun

2 responses to “Fun

  1. I keep coming back to read this one. Goddamn it’s good.

  2. well thank you. i appreciate it all the more because it was one that was rejected by my editor for the book lol.

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