Command O’ The Times

Oh for the
Impetuous days
Of the Eighties, the
Action movies, naive
Things of beauty

When our
First Blood
Was taken
Before Kings

Took fighters’ riches
Amidst bloody
Holyfield battles,
When action stars threw
Like cardboard boxes,

Brown uniformed
Mall cops stacked
Like tantrum Lego,

And the world
Safe for a minute save
A dab of red
At the hairline

And a
Disco suit
At stake,
There were
Real GI’s to see,

And real Desert wars
Were as far off as
The very  sand
We threw in the face
Of our enemy,

Oh, Egypt, Pakistan,
If only you’d sent your warriors
To face Rocky,

Bejeweled brown
Uninformed nations,
We might know more of thee.

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