Well-Dressed Woman on Set Who Never Seems to Do Anything

Maybe she’s a producer? Lawyer?
Somebody’s agent? Do you know?
Have you ever spoken to that chick?
Has anyone ever spoken to that chick?

I am a mere Production Assistant,
productively assisting by performing
such crucial tasks as: carrying batteries;
standing in one place for upwards of six hours;
peeling labels off of water bottles; copying;
walking briskly; taking out trash;
yelling at people to be quiet; looking
professional whenever possible; accepting
work for slightly higher than minimum wage.

As such, it is well beneath my station to
inquire personally into the matter. Instead,
I have taken it upon myself to begin a top-secret
investigation, code-named “Who the Fuck is She?”
Any and all information you could provide
would be greatly appreciated, I assure you.

Oh, wardrobe. Yeah, I guess that makes sense.
Damn, she can take me in for a fitting anytime.

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