Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (you’re welcome).

Sexy Zombie
Sexy Plumber
Sexy Lunch Lady
Sexy Flenser
Sexy Movie Theater Floor
Sexy Freelancer
Sexy MySpace Hooker
Sexy Ironic Hipster Douchebag
Sexy Objectivist
Sexy Juggalo
Sexy Spongebob Squarepants
Sexy Speaker of the House
Sexy “Life Coach”
Sexy Legacy Systems Archaeologist
Sexy Proctologist
Sexy Motivational Speaker
Sexy Drum Tech
Sexy Bacon
Sexy Crash Test Dummy
Sexy Sarah Palin

3 responses to “Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (you’re welcome).

  1. you forgot slutty projectionist

  2. If “Life Coach” gets quotes, then so should “Drum Tech.”

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