Means By Which I Could Remove Lita Ford’s “Kiss Me Deadly” From My Brain:

  • A Ceti Eel
  • A brass Eiffel Tower pencil sharpener and a ball-peen hammer
  • A pneumatic drill
  • The Zombie Apocalypse*
  • Voluntary trepanation (see:  pneumatic drill)
  • “Billie Jean,” which not only will purportedly scrub the Lita Ford from my brain, it will exit quietly, leaving no residual trace of its pummeling bass line.

* – I have my doubts about this one.  It is entirely probable that this will be playing in my head even as I am dispatching a zombie with the pneumatic drill.  I will have to turn the drill on myself, not because I don’t believe I will survive the undead menace, but because I will most certainly not survive having this song in my head.

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